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About Us

For a decade Hardy Fence simply dominated the Fence and Gate industries on Google for Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas including all desired surrounding areas.  Our original Hardy Fence website was 156 pages, of custom code and worked effectively until Googles 2016 algorithm leveled the playing field.  During our 10 year reign we developed strong in-house Fence, Gate Fabrication and installation capabilities and purchased two Commercial Fence Facilities in both Fort Worth and Dallas, TX.  Our Fort Worth facility alone has four production welding tables.  Hardy Fence has established itself within the Commercial community and is well known among industry professionals.  In addition Hardy Fence has developed a reputation as a well respected high end Fence and Gate Contractor capable of any Fence or Gate Project.  Hardy Fence is currently A+ Rated with the BBB.  Hardy Fence is a member in good standing with The American Fence Association and the American Welding Society and our Management works to stay on top of changes to industry standards especially regarding UL Gate Safety compliance and Access System compliance.  Hardy Fence carries a 1 million dollar General Liability policy and a 1 million dollar Work Comp policy for your protection and ours.

Commercial Fence
Hardy Fence is your Commercial Fence Specialists!  With more than a decade of experience in fabricating and installing Commercial Fence we have both the manpower and equipment to serve your needs.
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Commercial Gates
Hardy Fence manufactures our Commercial Gates in house.  This assures our Gates are built to our specifications.  It also allows us to monitor our equipment and material, for consistency.
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Commercial Export
Hardy Fence exports Commercial Fence systems overseas.  In addition we export Trucks and Equipment as well and are familiar with exporting large packages.  Send us your wish list today!
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Residential Gates
Hardy Fence can design and build your Residential Gate with ease, regardless of whether your home was designed for it or not.
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Residential Fence
Craftsmanship is truly in the Structural details.  Learn why all Residential Fences and Gates are not created Equal.  Learn how Hardy Fence has revolutionized the local Fence Industry.
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Free quotes
We look forward to hearing from you and learning how we can be of service.
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Why Choose us

Our Focus is on Quality

Unlike most fence companies, Hardy Fence’s design consultants will manage your project from start to finish. Our installation crews report directly to our design consultants and stay in constant contact from start to finish. In fact, your design consultant will walk the job and perform a quality control inspection prior to final invoicing. This and other Hardy Fence procedures keep every individual accountable for the work they do on every project. We expect a quality product from our crews. We understand fence construction and, as a result, bring added value to our customers.

A new fence or gate can provide many benefits.  Would you like to enhance the security of your home or office?  We think security is important and have put substantial thought into how we can make your property more secure.  Hardy Fence has standardized Security Fence options to help you make careful considerations regarding your Security Fence needs.  Please see our Security Fence section for more details.

We are an affordable, premier Fence Contractor and installer, and have cultivated a low-pressure consultative sales environment.  This site will help you answer many questions regarding your new Fence, Gate or Access System purchase.  We hope you’ll give us an opportunity to answer some more in person.  Give us a call today to discover how we’re different!

We believe many other local Fence Companies give less consideration to building you a quality Fence or Gate than you may think.  We believe this is because their focus is on one thing, “low bid”.  We understand that cost is an important factor, however, there are many other factors to consider when choosing a quality Fence or Gate Company to work with.  Give us a call today for more details!

Hardy Fence puts the design and mechanical durability of your new Fence first.  Yes, we have lost many opportunities over a lack of flexibility regarding our Fence design standards.  It is our goal to share some of these values with you and to help you make the best possible decision, regarding your new Fence or Gate purchase.  We’re a local fence contractor with old school values.  Simply put, if we make a commitment we aim to keep it.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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