Commercial Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence

Hardy Fence has installed miles and miles of Chain Link Fence.  Hardy Fence only purchases American made Chain Link Fence material and pipe.  Chain Link Fence is excellent for protecting spectators at Sporting events.  It also works as a barrier fence or to establish boundaries. 

Chain Link Fence, may be the standard in Security Fence, but in my opinion, is only practical where crooks or people you don’t want to get in or out don’t have the appropriate tools to cut the fabric.  Chain Link Fence will work well in a memory center, or probation center, low security prison or a drug rehabilitation center but is not what I’d consider a good deterrent of theft or suitable Security Fence in the 21st century.  If you’re protecting equipment or expensive tools, please visit our Security Fence page.

Chain Link Fence Fabric (along with in-house specs)

There are two styles of Fabric to choose from, knuckle-knuckle and knuckle-twist.  Knuckle-knuckle is for sports facilities and schools.  Knuckle-twist is used as Barrier Fence or low budget Security Fence.

There are many different gauges of Chain Link Fabric.  For quoting purposes Hardy Fence has come up with three levels of Chain Link Fence, (Light, Medium and Heavy Duty).  Our light duty Commercial Fence is built with 12 gauge fabric and our medium and heavy duty fence is built with 9 gauge, which is much heavier.

Light Duty

Hardy Fence uses a 1 5/8” schedule 10 Top Rail, with 2” schedule 20 Line Posts and 2 7/8” schedule 40 Terminal and Corner Posts.  The 2 7/8” Terminal and Corner posts may be a bit overkill for a light duty fence, but keep in mind we are committed to the structure of the fence, we are not committed to being low bid.  Hardy Fence is committed to offering competitive pricing without compromising the structure or mechanical soundness of the fence.  

Medium Duty

Hardy Fence uses a 1 5/8” schedule 20 Top Rail, with 2 3/8” schedule 20 Line Posts and 2 7/8” schedule 40 Terminal and Corner Posts.  Our post depth varies depending on whether it’s a 6’ fence or an 8’ Fence.  We use 5500 psi concrete on these posts and all posts are dug with an 8hp auger or our Bobcat s300 with its Belltech auger.  Hardy Fence has the ability to auger out 16”x10’ if needed.

Heavy Duty

Hardy Fence uses a 1 7/8” schedule 40 Top Rail, with 2 3/8” schedule 40 Line Posts and 2 7/8” schedule 40 Terminal and Corner Posts.   All our fences use 5500 psi concrete and this Fence will be built with Commercial equipment.  These posts will be dug with an 8hp auger or our Bobcat s300.  This assures you’re getting a consistent hole all the way through to the bottom of your posts.  Hardy Fence will not skimp when it comes to mechanical soundness of your Commercial Fence.   While we’re not the cheapest, we still have a pretty low overhead.  Our philosophy since day one was to stay small and keep everything paid for.  With that in mind, we’re going to be competitive.  If someone beats our pricing, I’m telling you there’s a reason!  They’re probably betting you can’t figure it out or don’t care.  Whichever path you decide to take.  We’re glad you’ve given us a shot and look forward to working with you on your project!