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Hardy Fence specializes in “Complete” Custom Fence replacements and Custom new builds.  We do not build Fences for spec builders, repair Fences unless under our warranty, nor do we build partial Fences.  Our in house installation Crews are set up with Large specialized trucks for Complete Residential Fence Projects, HOA Fence Projects, Commercial Projects or Large Apartment Complex Fence Projects. We appreciate your interest and look forward to building you a Fence the right way the first time!   Please read why Fence Structure is the Key.


    Wood Fence Styles and options


Standard Side By Side 6” Dog Ear

Hardy Fence use a Select 5.5” nominal Western Red Cedar Picket.  You will hear these referred to as 1×6” pickets.  We order our pickets by the 18 wheeler load and have pre-grading requirements.   Pickets that don’t meet are culling requirements are typically sold as a utility grade spec or used on rental properties.       


Builder Grade Side By Side 4” Dog Ear

Most our competitors use a 3.5” nominal picket and rarely use even a true 4” nominal picket.  Our standard Wood Fence is built with 5.5” nominal or by retail a 1×6”.         


Board on Board

This is our Premier Privacy Fence.  Board on Board or Board over Board is the process of overlapping 6” Western Red Cedar pickets to ensure optimum privacy and to prevent unsightly gaps in between your pickets of your fence.  Our 8’ capped Board on Board fence is your ultimate defense against noisy traffic or nosey neighbors.


Shadow Box

This is a wonderful option if you back up to a greenbelt or creek.  Shadow Boxing creates an open feel while reserving a certain amount of privacy. 







    Fence Structure is the key



Hardy Fence builds all fences with Pressure Treated 2x4x16’s and these structural rails are staggered for strength.  I sold a Structural Engineer on this concept many years ago and it earned us an 800’ wood fence project south of Dallas, we’ve been using it ever since.  It’s odd to me that Fence Companies go through the trouble of building a custom stick built Fence, but don’t do this.  Why you ask.  They simply don’t have the equipment to unload the trucks.  A bundle of Pressure Treated 2x4x16’s weighs 6000 lbs.  These Pressure Treated Boards are more-dense than Western Red Cedar rails and hold nails better, this is one reason why they’re heavier.  The other is that these Pressure Treated Rails are pressurized in an Alkaline Copper Quat which protects them from fungi and toxic to insects.  However, the ACQ is less toxic than CCA or Chromated Copper Arsenate which the EPA restricted in 2003. 


While most of our competitors use Galvanized nails which react with the Alkaline Copper Quat in Pressure Treated wood and create unsightly streaks.  Hardy Fence uses 6 penny Ring Shank Stainless Steel nails for longevity.   


There are many bracket options.  You have your cheap import brackets which “many” of our competitors use.  You have Simpson brackets which are name brand.  You would think if you hear Simpson Brackets you’re getting good ones.  Not necessarily!  Unfortunately, they have different qualities as well.  In fact there economy line is rated as an interior grip tie.  You heard that right, it’s on their website.  So, these guys looking for the cheapest Fence Contractor are getting exactly what they’re paying for. 

Fence Posts and Pipe           

Hardy Fence uses American Steel not the Chinese import.  Most of our competitors use non regulated import pipe.       


Hardy Fence uses a Concrete Mix with a 5500 psi compressive strength.  Many of our competitors try to save money mixing sand and a Portland mix – you know 1 shovel to 4 shovels.  In short many of our competitors have an inconsistent unknown compressive strength if any at all.  Code on walkways for the City of Dallas is 3500 psi as a baseline comparison.   

In short

Without giving away all our secrets.  You get what you pay for.  These days you cannot be a person of integrity and give the cheapest bid.  It’s impossible to be both the cheapest and build with professional integrity.  Bottom line!  Sorry folks, you’re not outsmarting your neighbor, by finding a cheaper deal!  You get what you pay for, bottom line.