Board On Board Fence

Board On Board Western Red Cedar Fences

To eliminate unsightly cracks in between pickets Hardy Fence highly recommends considering a Board on Board Cedar Fence.  These fences are built with a ¾ to 1 inch overlap.  This effect creates a beautiful fence with depth and increased rigidity.  

If you’re interested in privacy and depth we think you’re probably interested in quality as well.  Why should you buy a Board on Board fence from us?  Simply put Hardy Fence will only build a high quality custom fence.    


Hardy Fence invests in Team Leaders with a minimum of 10 years’ experience.  We could cut out a ton of labor expense by selecting cheaper Crews.  They’re easy to find.  We decided a long time ago not to cut corners.  It’s undoubtedly cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost business.  But, like you, experience, quality, integrity and initiative are qualities we not only look for but demand.  These guys are a little more expensive but in the end it’s worth every penny.  Give us a call for more details.  We’re here to help!     


It’s all in the structural details!  Choose a company that cares about the structural integrity of their product and you’ll choose wisely.  Believe it or not, most Fence Companies just don’t get that.


Horizontal Rails

First Hardy Fence uses  2x4x16’ Pressure Treated rails and stitch them over the posts so every post has 2-3 solid boards.  Staggering the rails makes the fence less reliant on the wind rating of the brackets.  Hardy Fence  uses the 12 Gauge Simpson PGT2-R brackets, which are much more expensive than the Simpson economy brackets made from 16 Gauge steel.  Why you ask?  These are the little details that create the structure which in turn keeps the fence straight over a long period of time. 


Second Hardy Fence  uses a 5500psi mixed concrete.  This ensures the concrete will hold up under the incredible wind loads of a Board on Board Fence.  Many of our competitors premix sand and Portland right on the jobsite.  Sure we could save money doing this and many do.  But, it’s not the right thing to do.

Western Red Cedar Pickets, Trim and Nails

Third Hardy Fence uses Western Red Cedar pickets and trim work which has very high acidity levels making it an extremely desirable deterrent against insects.  This low PH however reacts to galvanized nails and eats away at metal causing oxidation and rust, unsightly streaks and ultimately premature failure.  Any coated nail or screw will loose some of it’s coating when nailed or screwed in place causing the same ugly streaks.  For this reason Hardy Fence uses ring shank, Stainless Steel nails.  These SS nails are durable in an acidic wood such as Western Red Cedar and won’t rust.  We also use a larger nail than most fence companies.  Our .099 shank is larger than the typical .064-.086 shank most other fence companies are using.  A larger nail is important giving the fence holding power against wind and the drying out process after a heavy rain. 

Hardy Fence also purchases #1 and #2 select grade fence pickets that are hand culled after they are pre-graded by the lumber mill.  These pickets have less knots, no rot, wane or holes.