Automatic Gates

Automatic Gates

Hardy Fence Automatic Swing Gates range from nine to sixteen feet wide and six to eight feet tall.  Most of our Slide Gates are much larger typically ranging from twenty to forty feet in length easily weighing over 1000 lbs.  It takes a substantial operator to reliably move these larger swing and slide gate structures.  Over the years we developed a relationship with Liftmaster and try to use their products exclusively.

Liftmaster has been a respected household name for many years.  Liftmaster is a solid well respected company with a reputation for quality, dependability, and sleek designs that will compliment any gated entrance.  Hardy Fence is an authorized Liftmaster Dealer and has a direct relationship with their company and engineers. 

Our partnership with Liftmaster has allowed Hardy Fence to integrate our Automatic Gates into the digital world.  This integration adds another layer of critical security features that will increase the value and safety of your home or business, protecting your assets and those you love.  The convenience of an electronic gate from within your car or home is a beautiful thing.  The piece of mind from added security is priceless.  Give us a call for details, we’re here to help!

LA 400PKGUResidential DC Linear Gate Operator

This unit has a powerful 24VDC motor, which provides exceptional soft/starting and soft/stopping capabilities.  This promotes longer gate, gate component, and operator life, which increases the overall performance of your gate system.  We use the LA400 to operate Swing Gates up to 11 feet in length and weighing up to 400 lbs.  2016 UL 325 Compliant and comes with reflective photo eyes.  The LA400PKGU has battery backup and is compatible with MYQ, internet gateway or smartphone technology.  This unit is backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


LA500PKGU – Residential/Light Commercial Gate Operator

Commercial duty cast aluminum housing, with a powerful 24VDC motor and soft start soft stop technology extending life of Gate Operator.  2016 UL325 compliant with monitored retro –reflective photo eye. Compatible with MYQ, internet gateway, smart phone technology.  This system feature battery backup and is used on Automatic gates up to 16 feet.  This unit is backed by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.