Flat Swing Gates

Flat Swing Gates


Hardy Fence Swing Gates are built by hand in our custom fabrication facility.  By keeping the production in house we control the quality and are sure your new gate is built to our standards.  This holds true from the Iron to the Paint used on the product.  Hardy Fence stores all the iron inside our climate controlled facility.  We use Millermatic 252 digital welders and Argon gas, which assures a strong clean weld. Hardy Fence uses primer and paint from Sherwin Williams not the steel distributor.  You can be assured you’re getting quality when you order a Swing Gate from Hardy Fence.


Flat Style


Flat style gates offer a contemporary flair to your home.  Hardy Fence has many styles from which to choose.  These gates are ideal for slide gate applications and can be used in swing gate applications as well.  Our Driveway gates are built to commercial specifications which add a quality feel to the home.  For instance instead of using a 5/8” vertical picket we use larger 3/4“, which not only increase your security but do look stately from the street.    


If you’re looking for a higher than normal security application, ask us about the Hardy Fence 1200lb magnet option.     


We look forward to working with you on your new Swing Gate.  Give us a call today for details we’re here to help!