Commercial Security Fence

Security Fence


 Preventing theft is a critical consideration for all business owners.  After all, losing a piece of expensive equipment can cause havoc to both you and your customers.  In addition, preventing unauthorized access is key to preventing unnecessary liability.  Unfortunately, crooks have better tools than they did 10-15 years ago and many times, when protecting hundreds of thousands of dollars of tools or millions of dollars of equipment, Chain Link Fence isn’t the answer.  Fortunately Hardy Fence has several options for you.   In addition we have the tools, equipment and manpower to get the project done on time.

Wire Mesh Panels (medium security)


No Climb Anti-Cut 8 gauge Wire Mesh Panels are a perfect budget solution for a moderate Security Fence need.  These Fence Panels are fastened together with extruded aluminum Unions and steel straps.  Together this creates a Difficult Cut and No Climb Fence System.  M30-50 Anti-Ram Barrier Rated add-ons are available.  There is a 10 year warranty available on the material and installation.  



American Made Steel Fence Panels   (medium security)


Hardy Fence offers a Medium Security 8’ Security Fence Panel Systems with ¾” pressed point vertical picket and 1.5” horizontal rail.  We typically use 2.5” posts but have used 3” and 4” with these fence systems.  These Fence Systems are available in black electrostatic powder coat or black agricultural grade powder coated.  The Hardy Fence Medium Security Fence System has a 15 year material warranty and a 10 year labor installation limited warranty. 



Custom Made in House Fence Panels   (medium plus security)


Hardy Fence can custom build your Fence Panels to your specifications.  We typically use 16 gauge ¾” vertical pickets which is heavier than a typical production panels.  We can also use a 1” 14 gauge vertical picket for higher Security Fence needs.  The Hardy Fence standard Fence Panel has a 1.5”x14 gauge horizontal rail and can upgraded to 2” x 14 gauge or 2”x 11 gauge horizontal rail which is extremely heavy and more of an Industrial style Fence.  Our In house panels are painted with Sherwin Williams Industrial Enamel paint or Chemcoat or can be Powder coated black.     



American Made Steel Fence Panels   (high security)


Anyone building a High Security Fence must consider a Security Fence with an anti-ram barrier.  If you’re protecting high-end machinery, equipment, tools or products, a Chain Link Fence just isn’t going to do the trick.  Understanding this fully, Hardy Fence offers the Impasse II High Security Fence System, as an option for your Security Fence. This Fence System was developed to be structurally sound and to significantly delay forced entry attempts.  The Fence also acts as a barrier when using the anti-crash cable option.  Other sophisticated options, such as sensor detection systems and early warning alarm systems, make the Impasse II Fence System ideal for High End Security Applications.  Of course, Hardy Fence realizes every facility has different Security Fence needs and therefore we can custom tailor this system to fit your budget and operational needs.  The Hardy Fence High Security Fence System has a double layer of black electrostatic powder coat with a 15 year material warranty and a 10 year installation warranty.



Expanded Metal Fence System   (maximum security)


If your needs are more pronounced Hardy fence offers a Maximum Security Fence with a No Climb Anti-Cut ¾”x #9 expanded metal or a 1.5” x #6 expanded metal Fence System.  The panels are constructed with Steel Straps and special snake eye bolts, the nuts break off at 50-60lbs during construction.  This Fence System is extremely difficult to cut and is basically impossible to climb.  M30-50 Anti-Ram Barrier Rated add-ons are available.  Security integration is available through the rails of the Fence.  We can run cabling for cameras and Fence Intrusion detection systems.  Hardy Fence provides a 10 year warranty on the material and installation.