Frequently Asked Questions regarding Residential Fence Installation


(GQ= General Question) 

(IQ= Installation Question) 

(MQ=Material Question)



(GQ)  1.  Should I notify the neighbors that the fence is being replaced?


Yes, your neighbors will need to make arrangements concerning their pets.  They may also want to secure their back yard or remove items from their side of the fence.  Please note items attached to the fence may be unknowingly damaged or disposed of during removal.


(GQ)  2.  If the neighbors are sharing the cost of the fence, who collects from them?


You will need to.  The contract is between you and Hardy Fence for the total amount on the contract.


(GQ) 3.  Is there anything Hardy Fence can do to stop our dog from digging beneath the fence line?


It’s not a good practice to install fence pickets in the dirt because this is an invitation for rot and insect infestation in some cases.  You will notice most fences are installed an inch or two above grade.  This is an obvious exposure for our pets.  We recommend 2×6 treated kick-boards on any fence installed without a concrete footer.  A treated kick-board may be placed in direct contact with the soil without threat of rot or insect infestation – thus helping deter digging by closing the gap.  In some cases, you may want to seriously consider a concrete footer if you have a large, tenacious dog.





(IQ)  4.  Will Hardy Fence remove and reinstall items attached to my fence such as lattice, pest systems, equipment boxes, rain gauges, pots / plants, etc…


Please remove your valuables from the fence / work site.  We may unknowingly damage or dispose during fence removal.


(IQ)  5.  Does the crew trim tree limbs or bushes in the way of the fence? 


We ask you to handle this prior to the fence installation.  Although Hardy Fence crews are experts in custom fence installation our crews have limited knowledge of proper Trimming & Pruning practices.   Excessive trimming performed by Hardy Fence will be subject to an additional charge.  Please clean up your shrubs we do not want to damage your manicured yard.



(IQ)  6.  Should I stay home during the Fence installation?


Follow your normal routine during the installation of your new fence.  Hardy Fence has personally selected crews that are extremely trustworthy.  Please know our crews must build your fence according to their work order.  Deviations from the original Fence Contract must be authorized by your sales / design consultant.


(IQ)  7.  Does Hardy Fence locate property pins and install the Fence on the property line?


No.  We put the fence back where it was originally located unless instructed by you to install the fence in a different location.  Hardy Fence accepts no liability for survey disputes between property owners.  If you have concerns about the location of the property line or your fence we recommend that you contract a local survey company to locate and clearly mark the pins and establish the location of the property lines.


(IQ) 8.  Should we be concerned with deeds and codes relating to our fence or gate?


It is your responsibility to read your deed restrictions relating to your fence.  HOA deeds and local building codes can restrict easements, fence heights, stain color preferences, and even material types.  Our experienced design consultants are familiar with most local codes and are happy to discuss concerns with you.  However, most deeds within HOA associations vary greatly, and it is your responsibility to read and comply with your subdivision requirements.





 (IQ)  9.  Does Hardy Fence locate underground utilities?


Hardy Fence will call Dig Tess concerning the excavation.  Please visit their site for more information.  www.digtess.org


(IQ)  10.  What is the scheduling process?


Your install will be placed on our schedule in a chronological order.  Our Sales consultants will work out arrangements with your best schedule options to accommodate your family.  The start date could vary one to three weeks depending on the scope of the project, availability of materials, current work load and weather.



(IQ)  11.  Does the fence crew dig out all the old posts and footings?


Typically all corner, gate and terminal posts will be dug up and reset in the exact same spot.  It is standard practice and within AFA industry guidelines to cut line posts below the grade and re-space the new posts.  If desired Line posts can be completely dug out for an additional charge.  The need is typically determined by the sales / design consultant and will be discussed with you as each job is unique.


(GQ)  12.  Will my new Fence come with a written warranty?


Yes, you will receive a limited warranty in writing covering defects in workmanship for a period of 1 to 10 years depending on the fence and products installed.




(MQ) 13.  Should I consider pressure treated lumber for our wood fence or gate?


In the hot, humid DFW area, pressure treated “fence pickets” have a tendency to warp and/or cup if the fence is built incorrectly.  Pressure treated 2×4 rails and 2×6 kick-boards, which make up the framework of your fence, must be used differently and thought out structurally to pull this off correctly.  We use pressure treated 2×4 rails on all our fences and 2×6 kick-boards on most of our fences as they are more dense than Western Red Cedar.


(MQ)  14.  Is it normal to have different shades of color in cedar pickets?


Yes, wood is unique in nature and will in turn vary in shades of color or hue.  This is normal and a standard variance.  Please ask your sales / design consultant about your stain options.


(MQ)  15.  What is the difference between Spruce and Western Red Cedar?


Wood will shrink, warp, check and cup.  Western Red Cedar has key unique characteristics in that it is dimensionally stable greatly reducing its tendency to shrink, warp, check and cup and is also naturally insect/ termite resistant.


(GQ)  16.  Why should I enlist Hardy Fence to be our Contractor of choice?


Simply put, Hardy Fence is a million dollar fence concern with an A+ rating from the BBB.  We are determined to have a superior finished product, are involved in the further development of our reputation, and understand that we are reliant upon your help to refer business owners, fellow contractors, friends and family.  Give us an opportunity to work with you – you will not be let down.