Iron Fence

Iron Fence


Hardy Fence offers both custom built Iron Fence and mass produced Metal Steel Fence.  We have an in house Custom Iron Fabrication facility.   So, what’s the advantage of each and why do we offer both?

Custom Iron


While Custom built Iron Fence is, more durable, and built from much heavier material which makes it more secure, it needs to be maintained regularly.  A light touch up every 3 to 4 years is necessary to prevent rusting.  If this isn’t done, the fence will need to be sand blasted to recoated with a rust converter in some areas, primed, and painted every 10 years or so.  Personally, we like the heavier gauge material of Wrought Iron and feel it enhances the overall durability of the fence and security of your property.  But, if you’re interested in a coated maintenance-free fence, Hardy Fence offers a mass produced iron fence with a 20 year warranty.

Ornamental Steel Fence


While there are some very high quality mass produced fence products available, there are even more that are very poor quality.  All mass produced fence products are lighter weight.  Please know that this may be an issue if you’re specifically looking for a higher level security option. 

There’s no doubt these American Made Steel Fence panels are beautiful maintenance free options.  We emphasize American Made Fence Panels as the imports don’t hold up near as well.  Recognize that imports are satisfying the need for cheap products.  Shortcuts to keep this edge on providing the lowest cost are always necessary and there is a huge difference in quality between import and American Made Steel Fence Panels.  Don’t fall prey to these importers who offer fragile, lightweight fence structures with poor material and coating quality.  If you’re going to use a mass produced product, we’ve done some homework for you to find some of the most reliable products on the market!  Give us a call for details – we’re here to help!