Commercial Fence

Commercial Fence

Hardy Fence has established a solid reputation and has become resource for many Local and National General Contractors, Developers, Landscapers and Engineers.  Hardy Fence has installed Commercial Fence for over a decade and successfully completed some seriously challenging projects. 

Hardy Fence recognizes every Commercial Property has its own unique needs of Fencing.  Our design experts can help you choose the right Fence, Custom Gate and Access System which meets your needs.   We also will give you an itemized, detailed, digital estimate outlining the cost of the Fence and Gate System.  We supply American Made top-quality Fence materials and will not compromise on quality or material to lower the price.  Give us a call today, we’d appreciate the opportunity to work with you in creating a secure, liability free environment for your Commercial Property!       


Baseball Fields and Outfields

Hardy fence has partnered and helped build several athletic fields including Sanger Park, a Mega Sports Complex, which includes three Softball Fields and outfields in one.  Fencing in and around a Sports Complex is critical for the safety of not only the spectators but as well the athletes.  Hardy Fence will work hand in hand with your Architect or General Contractor to create a Fence that fits the needs of your facility.         


Hardy Fence has heavy equipment experts on staff and the ability to set back stop posts to a depth of 10 feet, with our Bobcat S300 and Belltech Auger.  We can build substantial 5 gauge structures or use a more economical system such as a Knotless Polypropylene Pylon and Cable Kit, whatever best suites your needs.  Hardy Fence has an in house Iron Fabrication facility to build custom Foul Poles as well as Double Gates and Entrance Gates.

Tennis Courts

For Tennis Courts Hardy Fence has a standard 10’ Chain Link Fence System, or we can work hand in hand with your Architect or Engineer to make your customFence a reality. 

Equipment and Storage Yards

Typically Equipment yards require an Industrial Strength Security Fence.  Hardy Fence can help you determine what level of Security you need.  We have Fence Systems available from Medium to Maximum Security.  Please Visit our Security Fence section for more details or give us a call.  Hardy Fence will help you make the right choice.  Equipment Yards typically require a no climb and anti-cut Security Fence, which has additional structures built into the Fence to keep vehicles out in the event that the, no climb panel, expanded metal or steel panel is compromised. 

Distribution Facilities

Tired of losing wheels and tires to theft?  Hardy Fence has a perfect Medium Security Fence solution for you.  We recommend an 8’ Steel Fence panel with ¾” pressed pickets and 1.5” horizontal rails on 2.5-3” Posts.  This Fence is difficult to climb and very difficult to cut through.  This Fence is offered as a bracketed Fence System or a painted and welded Fence System.  Please visit our Security Fence page for several options that can help point you in the right direction. 


Hotels, Resorts, Hospitals and Apartment Complexes

Hardy Fence has built Fences for The Holiday Inn, The Marriott and The Four Seasons Resort to name a few.  Typically Hotels, Hospitals and Apartment Complexes have unique needs and must be approved by the local Fire Marshall.  Hardy Fence can help you maneuver through these challenges.  We’re familiar with Fence and Gate Safety Systems and codes related to doing it right the first time.  Hardy Fence is familiar with the specifics of city codes which is critical for getting through the project hassle free and on time. 


Interior Cages and Warehouse Fence

Hardy Fence will build Structural Interior Cages with Chain Link Fence Roofing including Interior cages to the ceiling of 30’ tall warehouses.  These types of Fences have to be Structural in nature especially if Fork Lifts are used inside the Interior Cage.  Fences over 8’ tall are supposed to be accompanied by a Structural Engineer’s stamp.  Hardy Fence has relationships with Structural Engineers, if needed, and we can help you navigate through these challenges to get the project done with limited liability. 




We offer Commercial Fence Consulting providing intelligent Security Fence Solutions for Outdoor Storage, Equipment Yards, Gates, Access, and more!