Cantilever Gates

Cantilever Gates

Hardy Fence builds and fabricates Custom Cantilever Gates.  These gates are considered Industrial Gates as they are massive heavy duty structures.  Cantilever Gates are a floating Gate Structure which works well safeguarding high traffic areas, especially in areas where 18 wheelers typically tear up gate tracks or caliche equipment yards are being used.  Cantilever Gates are typically 50% larger than the opening to act as a counter balance so these gates must be built and installed with much structural foresight. 

Structure and material

Hardy Fence uses full length 40’ American Made schedule 40 pipe.  We use full length pipe throughout the opening so there’s no welds to break.  We also truss all gates over 35 feet to prevent fish tailing during storms and heavy winds.  This is an extra step that ensures the gate will remain square and true over a long period of time.  The remainder of the frame work is 2 3/8” schedule 40 pipe. Hardy Fence gates are faced with a 9 gauge knuckle-knuckle fabric.  We always use polyurethane wheels with sealed bearings and covers.  These wheels are double the cost of cast wheels but help ensure a maintenance free gate that is set up for use with an automatic gate operated system. 

In house Fabrication

Hardy Fence has an in house fabrication facility where our gates are manufactured.  By keeping the manufacturing in house and not relying on subcontractors, we can control quality, timely delivery and service.  Controlling quality is of key importance on this type of gate structure typically weighing well over 1000 lbs.  These gates must be built with 220v machines or the welds will not be consistent or hot enough to burn through the backside of the material, which would compromise strength.  Hardy Fence has two in house 252 Millermatic, mig welders which we use with argon gas.  These machines are digital and take the guesswork out of getting the speed and temperature perfect for schedule 40 material.  This has to be done in order to get a consistent bead, which is key for strength and long term durability.     

In house Installation

Hardy Fence has the tools to get the job done on time.  Typically Cantilever Gates are mounted on 4-6” schedule 40 posts.  We’ve set some of these posts as deep as 6’ which requires a big skid steer and about 500 lbs. of concrete, per post.  We use concrete with a 5500 psi compressive strength and have a Bobcat S300 for unloading the gate and digging the post holes.  In addition Hardy Fence has the ability to design and install your safety and automation systems for your new gate.  We’d appreciate the opportunity to work with you on your new Cantilever Gate.  Give us a call today for a free estimate!