Cedar Fence

Custom Cedar Fence


Why does Western Red Cedar smell so good?  It’s a natural oil containing a Phenolic Acid.  This Acid deters insects and fungi.  Western Red Cedar is less dense than other soft woods creating a dimensionally stable outside building material. 

Phenolic Acid Reactions to fasteners


Did you know the Phenolic Acid in Western Red Cedar is known to react to a galvanized nails.  The evidence of this is the unsightly dark streaks which runs from the nails down the pickets on a fence using these two incompatible building materials.  However, this is only the surface of the issue.  This reaction is known to eat the ribs or ring shank off the nail as well.  When this happens the nail loses its bite into the horizontal rail support structure resulting in your picket coming lose and warping or cupping. 


When building your fence, Hardy Fence uses ring shank Stainless Steel nails to prevent streaks and unsightly stains, and add extra protection from the natural acids in Western Red Cedar.  Our fences are also built with Select Western Red Cedar pickets for added beauty and a better overall finish.  Hardy Fence focuses on the details that makes your fence investment last for years and years.  Other fence companies cut corners but Hardy Fence promises you will not experience that with us. 

Staining Western Red Cedar


Hardy Fence offers commercial transparent and semi-transparent oil based fence stain that includes trans-oxide based pigments.  This infused pigment actually reflects UV rays and helps protect the fence from losing its natural color.  Our stains also include additional algaecide for additional UV as well as mold protection.  These oil based stains help lock in the natural Phenolic Acids within the Western Red Cedar.  This will help preserve your Western Red Cedar fence for years.  These professional oil based products are typically applied by professionals only since oil based products are much more difficult and expensive to handle and not generally sold directly to consumers.


We’d appreciate the opportunity to talk with you about them.  Give us a call today for details!