Pool Fence

Pool Fence and Barriers


Most City Construction Ordinances have specific codes regarding fences for swimming pools and spas.  Generally, the codes require the pool or spa to be completely surrounded by a code-approved barrier.  These requirements are intended to provide protection against potential drowning by restricting access to pools and spas. 


Hardy Fence is familiar with local codes and will assist you in building the right type of barrier system for your pool.  Please note that in most surrounding cities, when the walls of the house are used as part of the barrier, any doors providing direct access to the pool or spa must satisfy specific barrier requirements.  This means the doors generally must be fitted with a code-approved audible alarm or that the doors must be fitted with self-closing/self latching devices and the latches must be 54” above the floor.  Please give us a call for details.  We’re here to help!   

In house Fabrication


Hardy Fence has an in-house fabrication facility.  We can custom build any Iron Pool Fence or Barrier.  With our in-house capabilities Hardy Fence can beef up the bottom rail of the Fence and Posts that chlorine tends to attack.  This ensures you a long lasting Iron Fence that you can enjoy for years to come.


Paints and Custom Paint options.


Hardy Fence has built railings and Custom Pool Fence for many resorts and hotels including the Marriot and Four Seasons Resort.  We typically use Industrial Enamel but can provide you with a Fluropon Classic II, like that used by multi-million dollar facilities.  These types of Custom paints provide manufactured quality finishes with extended UV protection and help protect against chemical breakdown.


We’d appreciate the opportunity to work with you on your next Pool Fence project.  Give us a call today for details and a free estimate!