Metal Framed Gates


Hardy Fence Metal Framed Gates are all built in our custom facility and are held to a consistent spec based on size and weight of the Gate.  Metal Framed Gates are used as Frames for wood faced Swing Gates, Walk Gates larger than 42”, Double Gates, and wood faced Slide Gates.  Metal Framed Gates are critical for keeping large wood faced gates from sagging, cupping and warping.  All these characteristics are important if you’re trying to keep a dog in the back yard or if you’d like the gate to shut or even if you’d like to keep the gate from dragging. 


Structure is everything!  This is why Hardy Fence uses 4”x4” square tube and weld hinges to the support post tubing.  After all what is the mechanical advantage of a Metal Framed Gate if it isn’t supported properly.  We have seen others build Metal Framed Gates and skimp using metal strap hinges, presumably to get the low bid.  We refuse to do this as it lacks integrity.  Hardy Fence uses Commercial 5/8” and ¾”J bolt Hinges with bearings and grease fittings.  Obviously, we do not use metal strap hinges on these framed gates nor do we use cheap bat wing hinges.  A set of bat wing hinges runs around $3 dollars a pair.  Our hinges run $17-30 dollars a pair.  The advantage is in the fact that you can oil the gate to keep it from squeaking and it will be much less prone to wear and tear, not to mention they support 10x more weight.             


A Gate is only as strong as its weakest link.  Hardy Fence uses concrete with a 5000 psi compressive strength.  We make all our Gate Frames in our facility and hold them to a rigid specification, we use commercial hinges and weld them to 4”x4” posts.  None of this would matter if the gate posts are shallow set.  Therefore, we use our own employees to build and install all of our Gates and Iron Fence.  In addition Hardy fence is fully insured with General Liability and Workers Comp for your protection.  Give us a call today for details.  We’re here to help!