Commercial Handrails

Commercial Handrails

Hardy Fence has been building Commercial Handrails for a decade.  We have built many Commercial Handrails including the Four Season Resort, apartment complex remodels as well as various local city projects.  Hardy Fence builds all handrails in fabrication facility to our or your specification.  Whether your goal is to add character to your commercial property or bring it up to code we’re here to help.

Handrails to Code

Handrails are required on all ramp runs rise greater than 6” or stairs with a rise of 1:20 or greater.   The top of the rail must be a minimum of 34” and a maximum of 38” vertically above walking surfaces.  Handrails must extend 12”, in the same direction, beyond a flight of stairs or ramp.  

ADA Accommodations

Private parties may bring lawsuits to enforce Title III of the American with Disabilities  Act.  To prevent lawsuits and liabilities, businesses must comply with the ADA regulations.  Additional 1.5-2” round or rounded edge hand grips must be installed at around 36” and have a clearance of 1.5” from the railing structure.  There are many other detailed considerations involved.  Hardy Fence will work with your Engineer or Architect to make sure you’re in compliance.