Slide Gates


For over a decade Hardy Fence has been building Slide Gates in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  We have an in house fabrication facility which allows us to control our standards in building your new Slide Gate.  The hardy Fence philosophy is a relentless dedication to mechanical quality first.  It is very rare that you’ll find a company that is willing to pass up profitable projects as a commitment to its philosophy.  We are that company.


Hardy Fence Gate Frames are built in house with a 2”x4”x11gauge beam at the bottom of the Gate Frame.  The remainder of the Frame is built with 2”x14 gauge or 2”x11 gauge square tube, depending on gate size.  The Gate Frame is welded in our shop on quality fab tables with clamps.  This reduces warping as the material tends to cup under the tremendous heat generated in the welding process.  Hardy Fence uses 220v Millermatic 252’s with Argon Gas.  These digital welding machines take the guesswork out of the temperature and wire speed to guarantee the tubing is being welded properly throughout.  Notice they are 220V which gives us more consistent arch characteristics.  This makes the weld stronger and more consistent than a 110v welder.  As a result the weld is stronger than the material itself, which is necessary on a heavy Slide Gate structure.  


Hardy Fence uses commercial wheels and commercial tracks on all our Slide Gates.  Our wheels are hardened steel with sealed bearings.  This is extremely important for keeping the bearings clean and free from rust, which is critical for wheels which stand the test of time.  This is a small detail which doubles our Wheel cost but it’s the right thing to do and stays true to our philosophy.  Hardy Fence uses commercial tracks that are made from ¼” wall flat bar and angle iron, we do not use tracks made out of cheap stamped material like many of our competitors. 


You can have your new Slide Gate powder coated or painted with Sherwin Williams Industrial Enamel or Chemkoat.  Hardy fence does not use the cheap black paint and primer sold at the steel distributors.  These are some of the small differences that are easy to point out concerning your Gate installation. We can tell you there are many others.  If you’re going to invest in a Slide Gate, We can tell you we’re an excellent choice to place your trust.  Give us a call today, we’d appreciate an opportunity to work with you!